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Qi Wangzhai

Qi Wangzhai

Travel labels:Country Tours ALICE Camping Sketch Leisure Tour

Suitable for days:1-7 days

Area address:Huixian City

Season:March - November

Off-season:December - the end of February t

Introduction to the area

Qi Wangzhai scenic area is located in Huixian City Nanzhai town territory, west of Shanxi Lingchuan County, northwest adjacent to Shanxi Huguan County, 80 kilometers away from Xinxiang City, Hui Ling highway runs through its territory. The whole Qi Wangzhai scenic area by Qi Wangzhai, three suburban reservoir, Buddha Ye ditch and Tianzhu ditch and other scenic areas. Scenic spots scattered over 50 peaks, the highest elevation of 1654 meters. Peaks and valleys peaks, gorge valley deep. Terrain gap between the North, the North view of the ups and downs of the mountains, the South as the Yellow River gold belt, the East hope Lin Dicui, West show clouds misty, beautiful scenery, such as the world fairyland. Not only the mountains and ridges, but also there are many beautiful and moving legend, according to legend, the Warring States period Qi Wang had secluded here, and left numerous popular legend and related sites, there are many mystery of the ages to be future generations research. Many tourists come here especially, the former director of the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts China's famous artist Zhang Ting many times to this sketch, creating a number of ink landscape. The early summer of 2003, the famous director Feng Xiaoning was here simple and natural scenery deep infection, then the rate here to the achievements of the comedy blockbuster "raised his hand", and glad of the pen, leaving the "White Dragon Dream Qi Wang Zhai, Taihang Qi Mountain pillars "inscription.


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