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Autumn ditch

Autumn ditch

Paradise on earth paradise

Travel labels:Camping leisure travel tour pal sketch photography

Suitable for days:1-7 days

Area address:Huixian City

Season:March - November

Off-season:December - the end of February t

Introduction to the area

Qiugou scenic area is located in Henan and Jin provinces at the junction of Huixian Nanzhai town, south of Huixian urban area 50 kilometers, close to the provincial highway Huiming highway, transportation is very convenient, scenic three sides around the mountain, with a total area of 24 square kilometers Mountain high forest dense, canyon wall hanging, three steps a pool, five steps a waterfall, rocks cave, temple legend, landscape Qili, mountain style still retains the original natural characteristics. Especially the autumn ditch mountain peach area is large, the flowering of the continuation of the long, can be described as the most Taihang Mountains, so "spring tours peach, autumn leaves" is a major highlight of the area. Area of ancient marine fauna and fossils and the magic of natural stone (ice mortar), summer ice cave and other mysterious unpredictable, eternal mystery, no one knows the dawn. Simple folk customs and Taihang style both, known as "paradise on earth, paradise." Here is a good vegetation, flowers, humid climate, fresh air, beautiful environment, cool summer and pleasant, lunch break still need to cover the sleep, is a leisure, vacation, sightseeing, summer, sketch, painting the resort.


Main Attractions

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