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Heaven mountain

Heaven mountain

The dragon is the soul of the Chinese dragon

Travel labels:Camping leisure travel tour pal sketch photography

Suitable for days:1-7 days

Area address:Huixian City

Season:March - November

Off-season:December - the end of February t

Introduction to the area

Is the birthplace of the glorious deeds, Taoism "north of the roof in the Taihang, south of the Golden Summit in Wudang" in the "one of the top ten news people, The world's first iron roof - master top "of the location. Scenic area is located in Xinxiang Huixian City on the town of Bali, is located in the hinterland of the Taihang Mountains, 50 kilometers away from Xinxiang, the provincial capital of Zhengzhou, 120 kilometers, with a total area of 43 square kilometers, is the National Forest Park, Geological Park, National Taihang Rhesus monkey protection area, national red tourism Attractions.


Main Attractions

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