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Off the mountain

Off the mountain

View the mountain view of water view the world

Travel labels:ALICE camping sketch photography leisure travel

Suitable for days:1-7 days

Area address:Huixian City

Season:December - the end of February the following year

Off-season:March - November

Introduction to the area

Guan Shan Scenic Area 40 kilometers away from Xinxiang, 100 kilometers away from Zhengzhou, the location advantage is very obvious. It is located in the southern foot of the Taihang Mountains, Huixian County, Henan Province on the town of Bali town, an area of about 34 square kilometers. Scenic area to Redstone Gap, Shizhu Lin as the representative of the "Taihang supreme spirit of the world, the first Chinese slip the wonders", set the South Pacific water landscape and slip peak peak of this unique geological landscape in one, The spring of the sea and the beautiful model, just like a landscape painting three-dimensional Is a high degree of concise and generalization of the tourism resources of Guanshan National Geopark.


Main Attractions

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