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Octree ditch

Octree ditch

North water world, Taihang mountains and rivers soul

Travel labels:ALICE camping sketch photography leisure travel

Suitable for days:1-7 days

Area address:Huixian City

Season:March - November

Off-season:December - the end of February the following year

Introduction to the area

Bailigou scenic area is located in the mountains of the southern foot of the Taihang Mountains, the scenic area within the Qianfeng Qianren, gully gorgeous, waterfalls Mingjian, Qingquan gurgling stream, verdant trees, flowers and fragrances, monkeys play, group deer Yo Yo. She is the Taihang landscape essence of the place, both Taishan of the male, Huashan risk, Jiuzhaigou, Qingcheng of quiet, Huangshan, Emei show, called "Taihang soul." Bailigou scenic area features the United States in the original, expensive in the natural. The main scenic spots are Taohuadu, mountain temple, sheep Island, Redstone River, etc., step Jingjing different, the odd. Which Barry Ditch Great Falls drop 180 meters, a hanging


Main Attractions

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