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Wanxian Mountain

Wanxian Mountain

National Climbing Park, World Climbing Resort!

Travel labels:Country Tours ALICE Camping Sketch Leisure Tour

Suitable for days:1-7 days

Area address:Huixian City

Season:March - November

Off-season:December - the end of February the following year

Introduction to the area

Wanxian Mountain is located in the northwest of Huixian County, 55 km north of the Taihang Mountains hinterland sand kiln territory, 70 km from Xinxiang City, the total area of 64 square kilometers, the highest elevation of 1672 meters, the annual average temperature lower than the mountain 6 degrees. Here peaks peak competition, overlapping peaks, gully aspect, waterfalls, both strong and vast stone wall landscape and wonderful man and elegant mountain charm, set male, dangerous, odd, show, as one. The main attractions are Hongyan cliffs Grand Canyon, film and television village, cliff promenade, Tianchi, lotus pot, white dragon cave, shouting spring, sun and moon stone, black dragon lake waterfall, Wufengshan Linhai, grinding Jianfeng waterfall, Qilang peak, And so on more than 200, completely by the artificial excavation of more than 1250 meters of cliffs promenade, but also known as "the world's eighth largest miracle."


Main Attractions

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